Metal Structure Fabrication


Metal Structure Fabrication

Chong Fong’s main service lies in providing the process of Computer Numerical Control Machine (CNC machine), OEM manufacturing for mass productions, structural metal fabrication and steel fabrication in Singapore.

Leveraging on the global trends of escalating labor cost, we help customers by lowering their production cost while maintaining quality work. With our established factories in Malaysia, China, and Thailand, we export to different markets, like Australia, Japan, Europe & US.

We are fully equipped with the capabilities to custom fabricate and deliver metal fabrication and steel fabrication in Singapore that fit individual customer’s requirements and specifications.

Some of the machineries supporting our metal structure fabrication / steel fabrication services include:

- CNC Plasma Cutting System
– CNC Flame Cutting System
– Laser Cutting System
– Water Jet Cutting System
– Manual Hydraulic Press
– Top Loading Electrode Oven
– Overhead Crane
– MIG / TIG Welding Sets
– Bending Machine
– Shearing Machine
– Drilling Machine
– GEKA Hydracrop 100/SD
– Forklift