Our Services

Facility & Site Maintenance

Chong Fong provide extensive maintenance & repair services to chemical plants, oil and gas, aerospace MRO, steel industries.

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Metal Structure Fabrication

At Chong Fong, we have a team specialise in metal structure fabrication to support your factory and mass production needs.


Precision Wielding (Tin Welding)

In addition to our core services, Chong Fong have also extended our competency to include premier solutions for Precision Welding applications. Our team is trained to handle the most challenging materials like titanium, aluminium, inconel etc and thin sheetmetal.

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CNC Machinery

One of our key competencies is on CNC machining, serving different industries ranging from oil & gas, steel, machine makers etc. We are capable in machining big structures up to 6m long.


Jig & Fixtures

At Chong Fong, we have a group of designers that can specially cater to your design and fabrication needs to improve on handling and productivity.


QC Check & Reverse Engineering

Our advanced reverse engineering solutions not only can help you get detailed 3D models but also help you reconstruct dimensional data from the physical parts of any product and equipment.



Since our inception, providing automation solutions has been our main core business. We have a designers group who will play an important part in helping companies take advantage of automation and technologies to enhance productivity.