CF Global Technologies Pte Ltd

CF Global Technologies is a subsidiary of Chong Fong Engineering with footprints in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, etc. CF Global Technologies is the aerospace division offers the following products/services:

- Tooling design for Aerospace MRO industry
- Engineering automation projects for Aerospace MRO industry

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CF Global Technologies Pte Ltd also supply the following items:

Weld wire consumables  Link to list of weld wire
- Aerospace grade AMS/MSRR
- Low Alloys

Thermal spray powders – PAC Link to list of powder list

Exotic rare aerospace metals trading

Thermal spray monitoring systems from Oseir, Finland Link to brochure for SprayWatch

This specialized product in particle diagnostics will help optimize DE and improve repeatability of coating process quality and thickness etc.  With the Spraywatch in place, you can anticipate the spray quality before the actual spray instead of only checking the spray test coupon after spray! Also, you can control your spray thickness better so that you do not have to worry about underspraying or overspraying!


Address :

  • No 3, Tuas Ave 10, S639127
  • Telephone Number :  +65 6841 9387
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