Our Partners

VBC Instrument Engineering Ltd UK

VBC Instrument Engineering Ltd UK is a British manufacturing company that has been supplying precision welding solutions to the aerospace, medical, food, sensor, oil and gas markets for over 30 years. They have managed several major projects with companies likeRolls-Royce, GE, Siemens, Doncasters, Lufthansa, MTU, Wood Group, NASA and Pratt and Whitney. Some examples are projects like turbine blade and seal repairs, after burners and thrust reverse systems.

In Asia, the company work closely with VBC Instrument Engineering (Asia) Pte Ltd on providing precision welding solutions for aerospace MRO companies.

Website : www.vbcie.com/

Soudax Equipements

Soudax Equipements is a French manufacturing company that specialise in micro welding industry since 1976. Soudax is a preferred supplier of the SAFRAN Group, and has managed projects with Lufthansa Techniks, Iberia, CRMA, Finnair Engines, Bodycote and many other MRO companies all over the world. Soudax has launched its medium frequency generators in 1997 and has developed with SNECMA a medium frequency generator dedicated to honeycomb tack welding in 2002. Since then major players andMRO companies moved toward this technology.

Some examples are projects like honeycomb spot welding (manufacturing and repair), ball tack welding for the nozzles, tubes, rectifiers.

With 40 years of experience in micro-welding and 25% of its turnover within the aerospace industry (70% at the export) Soudax works closely with its customers to improve its range of equipment and tooling.


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BCT GmbH, a system supplier founded in 1986, offers solutions to automated manufacturing processes of individually shaped parts particularly in the turbine industry.

Individual shaped parts are parts that are deviated from their original CAD after forging (new part) or engine run(MRO). Although CNC machine already automates the machining process but it is unable to automatically machine individually shaped parts without manual intervention and manual re-iteration.

Their solutions have helped aerospace customers to achieve highly precise, highly reproducible and reliable automated manufacture of their products.


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GOM was founded in 1990 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Braunschweig. Today, GOM develops and distributes optical measuring systems with its main focus on applications like 3D digitizing, 3D coordinate measurements, deformation measurements and quality control. GOM systems are used for product development and for quality assurance, material and component testing.

All over the world GOM systems are used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry and consumer goods industry as well as by their suppliers. This also includes numerous research centers and universities.